Best Alkalinity Test Kit for Reef Tanks

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The level of alkalinity in water has a huge importance in aquariums and reef tanks. As its reasonable level is mandatory for the marine life in water because it not only presents the carbonate ion needed for calcium carbonate skeletal rehabilitation of coral reefs, but it also functions as a pH shield against wide variations in acidosis. Various animals live in a distinct range of alkaline water, to keep the alkali level one has to examine the alkali level first, then countermeasures can be taken. So, here are certain products that can be used to examine the level of alkalinity in water. They are truly handy in nature and best for domestic as well as commercial purposes. They are reviewed as follows:

Best Alkalinity Test Kit for Reef Tanks Reviews

Hanna Marine Alkalinity (dKH) Checker

The product is one of the best alkalinity kits because of its handling and use. The product is used to check the alkalinity level in marine water. You can easily check the alkalinity, there is no rocket science involved, you don’t have to test your vision and identify colors from any scale you just give it a sample and the result will show instantly on the digital screen in DKH value. This examiner links the gap among simple chemical test equipment and professional instrumentation.


This is a handy device with 12.8 ounces’ weight. It gives the most accurate outcomes and only requires a pair of AAA batteries to operate. It is designed to be used multiple times, each time you get reliable and accurate results. It measures a wide range of alkalinity from 0 to 99. One of its most useful features is that it is not complicated at all, unlike conventional chemical experiments. It simply fits in the palm of your hand or your pocket so carrying is not a dilemma at all. It is also an affordable machine; one can easily afford this masterpiece.


  • The  device is very comfortable to manage and carry
  • The results are easy to interpret on a digital display
  • It is simple to use


  • Battery life is an issue as they run out suddenly
  • It is a little delicate to manage carelessness can result in product damage

Salifert Alkalinity Test Kit

This product is the simplest way there is, to examine the alkalinity of water in aquariums and reef tanks. In the pack, there are over 100 tests, the process is simple you just take a specimen from the tank in a test tube and set the product in it, its color will change and you’ll know the alkalinity level of the water. One of the best things about the product is that the color change is sharp and contrasting so there is no second-guessing about the results. Another good thing about this examination is that it is secure for the water and creatures in it. It also does not disturb the concentration of other compounds in water.


The product is the best tool for someone who owns an aquarium or a reef tank to check its alkalinity. It is designed to detect the smallest variation in the alkalinity of water. One of the reasons is that it doesn’t let other particles and compounds hinder the test and results. Authenticity and accuracy are two distinctive features of this alkalinity test. The affordable price of the product is another feature one cannot avoid.

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  • The results of the device are the most accurate
  • Tests are secure and have no consequence on the life inside water


  • The process of examination is a little complex, as you have to learn the process first
  • It is a bit tricky to manage the components of the device for an inexperienced person


After considering all these specialties of both the products, we concluded choosing the best alternative which is HANNAH CHECKER, one of the reasons for this choice is that we would prefer easy handling over difficult examination methods.

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