Best Calcium Test Kit for Reef Tanks

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A Reef tank is an exquisite exhibition of live corals and marine life with the inclusion of fish that play a role in maintaining the tropical coral reef environment. It requires a very strict maintenance of the environment and compatibility of the organisms within. To keep this delicate environment happy and healthy, it requires a balance of nutrients and other essentials such as lighting, water movement and water chemistry. Calcium, Carbonates and Magnesium are three foundational elements effecting the water chemistry and many biological processes of the coral life, thus their maintenance is very significant to a healthy underwater life.

In order to monitor their levels and the betterment of your tank you must take out some time weekly to conduct some tests on their concentration in the water. However if there is anything below the levels of normal requirement salts are also available to bring back the nutritional value up again. Seachem Reef Advantage Calcium 500gram is one such product easily available on Amazon. It also contains magnesium and strontium while maintaining the levels of calcium.

We will be discussing Calcium test kits in this article specifically due to its wide spread effect on or underwater buddies. Calcium is major contributor of the biological processes that are taking underwater. If there is a deficiency in calcium it is highly likely that the coral growth will cease eventually leading to a rapid decline in coral health. To make sure that there’s an adequate level of calcium in your reef tanks for your reef life to grow properly you can use calcium test kits.

Many companies have now took it upon themselves to make your life easier and tests more accurate. Here are some Calcium test kits designed to achieve the best results and they are also easily available on amazon.

Best Calcium Test Kit for Reef Tanks

Red Sea Calcium Pro Test Kit

This is an easy-to-use high precision titration test providing consistent results. To make the titration even simpler it comes with a syringe holder making it our favorite test kit! It contains 75 tests, analytical grade glass vials, affordable reagent refills, an infinite range and an astounding accuracy of ±2.5 ppm. In addition to this it has 5 star rating and a range of positive reviews on Amazon. So hurry up and get this pro test kit to raise your coral life in the healthiest environment.

Salifert Calcium Aquarium Test Kit

One of the easiest to read results available to each testing method. It typically contains 50-100 tests. It comes with very easy and adequate instructions along with the provision of consistent and accurate results which all reefers strive for. However the real catch of this product is the price which is a low as $18.81.

Hanna Instruments Marine Calcium Checker

By Hanna Instruments, it contains 25 tests and costs you around $29 but it has to be used with H1758 Checker HC. You must read the instructions carefully and use the packets of powder to complete the test and achieve the best results.

NYOS Calcium Reefer Aquarium Test Kit

This test engineered by a German company consist 50 tests that allow you to achieve precise and most importantly reproducible (i.e. in repeat measurements identical) measuring results. It is made according to German standards and is also priced pretty lowly.


These are some of the best calcium test kits for you to help your underwater buddies lead a healthy life and add to the beauty of your tanks.

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