Best Filter Socks for Reef Tanks

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Many hobbyists today use filter socks to manually remove large detritus particles from their aquariums. However, there is still a lot of confusion that surrounds the use of this simple yet very beneficial invention. It seems like a layman’s job to many people who love aquariums to put the sock around the drain lines from your overflow boxes you have on your tank and change it when it gets dirty. Simple, no? Well, the truth is that you need some care to effectively use filter socks and extending their life span in your aquarium so that it doesn’t cost you a fortune after you have only used it for a small time.

What are Filter Socks?

Filter socks have been around for a long time and have been utilized in both the freshwater and saltwater aquariums to help in mechanical filtration. They are mostly made of polyester or a fine mesh that is sewn together and has either a draw string or plastic ring around the top. They come in a vast range of sizes which are ordinarily important to how much or how clean the water you are attempting to go through them is. Another variation is the size of the wholes and openings in the mesh or felt. A scope of 200-800 microns is most frequently available in the market.

How are they beneficial for your Aquarium?

They enable you to expel particles that incorporate excessive food particles, detritus, sand, and even snails and crabs that take an undesirable adventure through the pipes. These socks may likewise accommodate a little hindrance to bugs that might be attempting to venture out from one tank to the next.

From a mechanical point of view, keeping huge particles disengaged can likewise help increment the life of our pumps. Daily and consistent utilization of these socks will help in keeping your aquarium water clear and liberated from alkali and nitrate as the natural waste is sifted through.

Which is the best option for your Aquarium, Felt or Nylon?

Felt material-filter socks will hold up better and last through more cleanings before they should be supplanted, in this way making them more cost-effective than a significant number of the other socks being utilized today. Both of these kind of filter socks are well-structured and exceptionally appropriate for your filtration needs. Choosing nylon and felt depends incredibly on singular inclinations and the style of your maintenance. Felt socks are truly adept at cleaning the aquarium water while nylon socks are simpler to be kept clean and more durable.

How to effectively take care of your Filter Socks?

To make sure that you don’t end up spending too much money on the filter socks there are some precautionary measures you must take. This will allow you to make them last longer and keep your tank cleaner for longer periods of time. And let me be very clear that turning the sock inside and then washing it and using it the in the new direction does not clean it! The particles still remain within the socks.

  • Take our your dirty filter sock and turn it back to front
  • Rapidly wash the filter sock and attempt to evacuate any enormous particles that were trapped in the sock (shells, sand, etc.)
  • Machine wash the filter sock (back to front) on a rock-solid cycle with bleach; never utilize standard clothing cleanser or other cleanser items like Oxyclean.
  • After the strong cycle with bleach, machine wash the filter socks (back to front) again on a substantial cycle without any synthetic concoctions or cleanser items.
  • After 2 machine wash cycles, take off the socks and let them dry for 48 hours before reuse
  • If by any chance there is ANY smell of bleach still on them, it would be ideal if you utilize one hot water cycle to get rid of the smell.

Filter socks are a great way to make sure that you water stays clean but without due care and maintenance it may become a menace for you!

Let’s discuss some of the most effective and reviewed filter socks of this year and help you decide which one is the best for you!

Best Filter Socks for Reef Tanks

Aquatic Experts 200 Micron 4 Inch Ring

No need for you to compromise on quality neither to spend hefty amount of your savings. This product is the best seller of the Aquatic Experts and honestly for very obvious reasons. It will give you all you need from filter socks. Interlocking micro-denier felt fibers trap free-floating particles to give you crystal clear water. It is perfect for trapping uneaten foods, waste excreted by livestock, decaying plants, detritus, dust and other floating particulates from your water. No need for you to worry about your crabs and snails being sucked into water pump. You don’t have to clean it frequently because of the large and flexible design. It comes in different qualities as per the need of the customer with proper manual and helpful tips. The product has exceptional rating of 4.5 out of 5 with numerous positive reviews. Moreover, it provides you risk-free guarantee as the product has gone through years of testing giving effective results. In conclusion, the distinct key feature that it provides are the custom made design, high quality, re-usability and safety. It is one of the best ones.

AquaticHI Felt Filter Socks 200 Micron 4 Inch Ring

This product is unmatched in term of quality. It provides you professional grade quality which is specially designed to be sturdy, strong and heavy duty in term of re-usability and cleanliness. Importantly, It includes 8x 4 inch ring by 14 inch long 200 micron felt filter sock. Additionally, it improves the quality of water by trapping debris, detritus, excess food, sand, coral and more. This product will offer you crystal clear water but most importantly it offers you a feature of reducing noise and splash in your aquarium/pond overflow sump system. Price of the product is little high but the quality and overall product is top notch. Overall rating of the product is 4.7 out of 5 with many amazing reviews and happy customers. So, for those who wants the best for their aquarium should really go for this product.

Dr. Marine Nylon Filter Socks - 100 Micron

This product has quite a different design from all the products in comparison to it and that makes its performance more effective as well.If we talk about the price range then it is right there in the middle. Product might lack options but quality is up to the mark. It removes excess food, detritus, organic wastes, and other particulates to lower ammonia levels and other undesirable substances. It is used as mechanical filtration for any sumps and diy filters. Additionally, it will help to protect your pump motors and provide you crystal and clear water. The product has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 with impressive reviews. So, if your goal is to attain cleanliness in your aquarium then this product is the best one to go for.